Random Walk (Solution)
This one starts out as a simple substitution cipher. You can solve it by hand, or just plug it into an online solver. I used this one and it figured it out without any problems.
fkisk. dvjo fojol fkobf kv kmo oifk. dvjo fvakmgofk vlo fkob. dvjo gofk i fkob, fvakmgofk i fkob, ilp gofk vlo fkob
iuiql. uv gofk nqjo fkobf, ilp kmol lvskmgofk vlo fkob. dvjo oifk kgv fkobf ilp lvskmoifk i fkob. nqlieez, dvjo oifk
vlo fkob.
Start. Move seven steps to the east. Move southwest one step. Move west a step, southwest a step, and west one step
again. Go west five steps, and then northwest one step. Move east two steps and northeast a step. Finally, move east
one step.
Here's the full list of substitutions:
a -> i
b -> x
c -> r
d -> p
e -> o
f -> n
g -> u
h -> m
i -> q
j -> t
k -> w
l -> e
m -> d
n -> l
o -> v
p -> b
q -> c
r -> s
s -> f
t -> k
u -> a
v -> j
w -> g
x -> h
y -> z
z -> y
The decrypted text is a set of directions for moving around on a keyboard, starting at some unknown key. Given these directions, there is only one possible starting key, E. If you follow the path on a qwerty keyboard, each sentence stops at a single key, giving the following string: EPLNART. Now you have to replace the letters on the keyboard with their encrypted letters. Doing this gives you the answer, OBELISK.