Reverse Psychology (Solution)
Here you have to figure out what strategy is used by each mobster, beat each 10 times in a row, and then figure out how to beat the last "unbeatable" mob boss. Each mobster has a nickname related to either rock, paper, or scissors.
Here's how each mobster works: Once you beat his underlings you play '''Frankie "RPS" Unbeatable'''. Frankie cheats and always plays the move that beats you, you'll never win 10 turns in a row. If you look at the previous mobsters, their names form a sequence of moves: RSPPRRRP. Play this sequence against Frankie and he'll give up, saying this:
Frankie: You beat me! I don't believe it, it just doesn't make sense... It's 
like I was programmed to lose... Well, good work. I'm an honest man so here's 
your answer: 


You didn't think it would be that easy, did you? Play Goodwin against 
Kowalski. Goodwin likes to start with Scissors, and Kowalski likes to start 
with... that move he always starts with. Whenever they tie, use that letter.
Now beat it.
Follow his instructions to get the final answer. You can either play them against each other on paper, if you know what strategies they used, or open two instances of the program and play them against each other that way.
            +    + +    + +    + +
            Q    U A    L I    F Y
The answer is QUALIFY.