Rosetta Stone (Solution)

This puzzle was inspired by a recent trip I took to Russia. I noticed that a lot of popular American chains had locations in Russia, but they had all changed their logos to be legible in Cyrillic. If you were dropped in to this country and had never seen the Russian alphabet before, you could probably figure out how to read it just by looking at these signs and remembering the English names. These logos would act as a sort of modern Rosetta Stone, but for Russian instead of ancient Egyptian. (Here's my blog post with example pictures.)

In this puzzle, you have to identify the logos and then figure out the sounds represented by the glyphs. The glyphs form a substitution cipher, but for sounds instead of letters. For example, instead of writing the word "the" with three glyphs for "t", "h", and "e", you would write it with just two, one for "th" and another for "uh".

Logos: Subway, Best Buy, Burger King, Old Navy, Starbucks, Facebook, The Home Depot, Jif

The completed "alphabet":

The translated text:

The translated text in English reads: What is the term for the oval enclosing names in Egypt's hieroglyphs? The answer to this question is CARTOUCHE.