Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb: Plans for winter break 2011

Day 1

  1. Go down Monday's.
  2. Go down Cockalorum.
  3. Go down Monday's halfway and then cut across to Cockalorum.
Day 2
  1. Take Jersey Cream Road down to Expresso.
  2. Follow Expresso down to its second intersection with Green Line.
  3. Hike up Green Line until it turns. Then stop and go back down the way you came.
  4. Continue down Expresso.
  5. When Expresso ends, hike up Green Line again until it turns. Set up camp and toast marshmallows.
Day 3
  1. Take Upper Dave Murray downhill as far as Tokum.
  2. Take the Pony trail until it meets Jimmy's Joker.
Day 4
  1. Three of us start at the bottom of Lower Cloud Nine.
  2. Two of us hike up Expressway, the other goes down sunset Boulevard.
  3. One of us on Expressway breaks off down Where's Joe.